New Contract at University of Greenwich

04 May 2013

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We are pleased to have been selected to supply the GRC Cladding components to the new £76 million development by the University of Greenwich at its Stockwell Street site.

The building, which is due to open in 2014, will feature a primary façade constructed in Jura limestone and was designed by leading Dublin architects Hengham Penn.

As part of the design a completely new pedestrian walkway is to be constructed which will connect Stockwell Street with King Willam Street. This part of the façade is unique in its architectural detailing. The RC frame will be cast with a “shark tooth” design which will be clad with a tapering band course. Between each bay will be large V panels, each one storey high and between 2400-3600mm in length.

This was neither practical nor cost effective in the primary Jura limestone, or in matching pre-cast concrete due to casting and weight issues. It was therefore decided early within the design process this could only be constructed in glass reinforced concrete.

It took many attempts to produce a GRC finish which was acceptable to the end client and local authority planners however this was achieved thanks to the perseverance of the team at GRCUK.  Once this hurdle had been overcome GRCUK submitted a preliminary design and engineering solution whereby the large V panels were cast with an attached steel sub frame which would provide the recipient material for the inner decorative finishes.

The works which are valued at nearly £0.5 million, will commence in September 2013 and be carried out for the main contractor Osborne by specialist façade sub –contractor English  Architectural Glazing of Suffolk.

Once complete the facility will, amongst other uses, feature the university’s school of architecture thus introducing a new generation of designers to exactly what can be achieved with the remarkable composite that is GRC. Audemars Piguet Replica Watches

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