New Wetcast Production Capability

23 June 2012

In order to offer customers an even wider choice of building solutions we have recently added a dedicated wet cast concrete production line to our Sheffield manufacturing facility.

Although we can do most things with GRC the material is a decorative product only and is not designed to be used in loadbearing situations. Examples include lintels, arches etc. For small architectural dressings the use of GRC mix designs can also increase costs where not neccessary.

For these applications we now offer Coadecast - a high quality pre cast concrete manufactured using tradtional production methods. All mix designs are formulated to match as close as possible our GRC mixes sharing the same basic raw materials - cement, sand, aggregates and where required coloring pigments. In this way we can offer a totally integrated solution where the two products can easiliy be mixed on single developments.

All our standard range of architectural dressings is now available in both Premix process GRC and Coadecast. For further technical details and standard colours please visit the Coadecast section of our website.



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