We believe that extensive testing is an essential part of GRC manufacture and the key to constantly providing our customer with high quality products which will give many years of service.

At GRCUK we test each and every day, operating what is without question the most well equipped dedicated GRC laboratory in the country. Full accredited to ISO 9001 standards we carry out of the specialist GRC testing detailed with BS EN 1170 Part 1-8.

Every single one of our 3 plants has to carry out exhaustive set up tests even before production starts and then has to manufacture daily test boards for the critical bending tests required to determine the elastic and ultimate bending and flexural strengths used by our engineers. These tests are carried out within 7 days giving us an early warning of any non-compliance before dispatch.

In addition we carry out weekly bending tests on 28 day old GRC as well as determining water absorption and densities from production grade GRC. Formulation tests are carried out in-house to determine dimensional stability and aged flexural strength.

We also carry out extensive reception controls on all raw materials and completely compliant with the retention periods defined in BS EN 1169.

This demanding process is, both time consuming and very costly both in capital equipment and staffing costs. It does however allow us full traceability on all production giving customers an unequalled confidence in the products we dispatch to site.

As to be expected from a ISO 9001 certified company all our measuring equipment is calibrated on a yearly basis by UKAS accredited providers.