We are totally committed to manufacturing our GRC using the methods developed over the last 40 years. Whilst many other companies are coming into the growing GRC market with "revolutionary" new methods of production (most of which are slight variations of general pre-casting) we prefer to continue refining the basic methodology which has been proven to work over decades. We know that with correct design and manufacturing our products can easily have a service life in excess of 40 years.

As such we only produce using the two recognized production methods as defined in BS EN 15191 – Spray and Premix Process.

Our manufacturing facility has the capacity to produce over £5 million of GRC per annum from two dedicated Spray plants and a third plant which can produce both Spray and Premix Process GRC. Virtually all our production is dedicated to architectural GRC, however we also produce, where required, GRC products for the rail and civil engineering industry.

Complementing our main production halls is a dedicated pattern and mould shop from which all our products originate along with fabrication and finishing facilities.

An advanced water treatment plant ensures all waste wash water is free of any contaminates before disposal into the surface water system.