GRC is a specialist material, which requires equally specialist design and engineering input. Often the design period is the most demanding and time consuming part of any contract. The GRC components themselves have to be designed to withstand all the imposed live loads they will be subjected to during their in service life. Equally important is the design of the support/restraint system.

The starting point for all our design work is agreeing panel sizes and layouts with the architect and contractor. Once this has been completed our engineers will design the necessary stiffening required to ensure the components will not be stressed beyond their elastic strength limit. This strengthening will take the form of flanges and/or strengthening ribs dependent on item geometry. For larger panels such stiffening will take the form of cast on sub frames in either steel or aluminum box section. All designs are carried out in accordance with the GRCA Design Guide.

Once item size, shape and thickness have been determined by complex engineering modeling, we undertake a full design of the necessary support and restraint brackets required to attach the GRC to the main structure.

Throughout the whole process we will work with the project technical team and all associated interface material designer/suppliers.

Our design department, located at our main production facility, is integral to the company operations and consists of a team of fully qualified and experienced estimators, architectural technicians and structural engineers. All design work is accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and fully supported by appropriate professional indemnity insurance.